Looking on to Christmas

Although Carthay Circle and Buena Vista Street are lovely areas of Disney California Adventure with terrific ambiance and character, I have found them harder to photograph interestingly because the space is sometimes too open, with trees blocking some of the more interesting focused perspectives, resulting in my photos of this area defaulting to the overview wide angle frame of the Carthay Circle Restaurant and some of the light holiday decorations on this backdrop.  Unlike, say, Main Street, U.S.A., with its leading lines and framing perspective and multiple facades in a row that can create some interesting compositions, Carthay Circle is the intersection of circulation corridors that mainly has singular subjects--unless one has an exceedingly wide fisheye or is doing a panoramic composition.  As I don't fall under either category in my park photography, it's become a challenge to find an intriguing view I haven't shot before, and last year, this perspective of the Storytellers Statue staring toward the garland-clad Carthay Circle Restaurant represented a shot that was new for me!

Walt and Mickey gaze on at the Buena Vista Street Christmas scene.


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