Entering San Fransokyo

The transformation of Pacific Wharf into San Fransokyo Square has brought a lot of great, photogenic visuals, but the most iconic by far is the Torii Gate Bridge.  Bringing DCA a bit full circle by effectively transplanting the look of the Golden Gate Bridge from the original Sunshine Plaza entrance area--where the bridge served to dress up the Disneyland monorail overhead cross--to this Bay Area themed land, the renovated and enhanced entranceway into San Fransokyo is vibrant, monumental, and especially gorgeous at night.  With its towering pylons evoking the torii gates of many temple settings in Japan, its warm hue evoking the real-life San Francisco icon, and its string lights forming the suspension cables of the bridge, this is an instant-classic of a photo subject.  And it looks great from all angles!

Entering San Fransokyo Square from the "mainland" side of the Torii Gate Bridge.


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