Spirits of the Jungle

Tokyo Disney Sea is an incredible, vividly detailed, transportive theme park that truly evokes all sorts of exotic locales both real and imaginary. Everywhere one looks, there are immaculate scenes and immersive environments that go far beyond the level of detail of any other theme park.  But there are some perspectives that are particularly fantastic, such as this view of Raging Spirits, from the Lost River Delta part of the park.  This ride is actually a mirrored clone of the Indiana Jones roller coaster in Walt Disney Studios park in Paris, but it's much smoother as a ride and so incredibly themed.  Coming upon the front of the temple setting feels like discovering the magnificent ruins of some lost civilization, and this type of evocative atmosphere is exactly why this place is a Sea of Dreams!

The tropical jungle ruins of Raging Spirits seem to glisten in the afternoon sun.


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