Captivating Carthay Circle

It's kind of rare that I can capture a completely empty Carthay Circle, because even long after official park closing, there's often a stream of pedestrian traffic passing through from other parts of the park.  Whether it's because of guests getting off rides that were running past park closing or coming from the second viewing of World of Color or even cast members making their way through on their way to clock out of their shifts, there are usually people walking through this central hub of Disney California Adventure.  The way around this issue? Be among the final people in the park.  But that risks having security arrive at the heart of Buena Vista Street to sweep guests out--and thus being in the shot.  As luck would have it, a couple of weekends ago, I was able to grab some Carthay shots after all other guests had moved past this point of the park on their way out but before security had made it over.  I made sure to take advantage of the situation!

Tabebuia blooms start to fill the trees around Carthay Circle in this nighttime scene.


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