Storytelling a Spring Evening

Unlike the Partners Statue at Disneyland, I don't have a ton of photos of the Storytellers Statue that also features Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, over at Disney California Adventure. The primary reason is that the backdrop of the former statue is much more scenic than that of the latter--Sleeping Beauty Castle vs the planter that is a flower bed most of the year and the base of a seasonal decoration during the Halloween and Christmas seasons.  Instead, the main "weenie" is not behind the Storytellers Statue but rather in front of and to the side of it.  This means capturing that in the background requires an over-the-shoulder angle of the statue.

Well, last month, I was in the park late enough but with enough time to capture this angle--and with minimal background people too! So here's a shot of a statue that I don't usually post photos of!

Walt and Mickey look on at Carthay Circle on a late spring night.


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