Burning the Small World Oil

Here's a sight you will seldom see... It's a Small World alive at four thirty!  But not the normal 4:30... for this photo, as you might guess, was taken at 4:30 AM.  This was only possible, of course, because it was One More Disney Day.  On this exceedingly busy night, I ended up hanging out with the crew from Tours Departing Daily for much of the night, people watching and shooting the breeze.  Around the middle of the early morning, however, spurred by an idea that another friend suggested, we decided to head north to catch a most unique snapshot.

4:30 AM.  This is not a trick of the light.

There are lots of angles anyone can capture, if he or she is at the right spot.  But this particular view?  I'm not sure we'll be able to see something like this anytime soon.


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