The Morning Castle

In keeping with the theme of the last two posts--unique shots that feature no one in them--I present a viewpoint you might recognize if you happen to glance over to the "Inception" page of this blog.  Yes, this is a photo of Sleeping Beauty's Castle... empty... during the daytime. 

I've posted a photo of the castle with nary a soul during the nighttime before, but that's a simple enough task to accomplish--just wait long enough.  But to accomplish the same shot during the day required being at the park at the right time.  In this case, I had to wait long enough... during daytime--after 6AM on March 1st!  It was definitely easier than sneaking into the park before it morning opening.  In addition to the whole trespassing thing, waking up early and I totally do not get along.  Thank goodness One More Disney Day was there to facilitate things to my greater convenience.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle after the first-ever 6AM closing to the general public.


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