Winter Dreams of Color

Last Thursday marked the premiere of the new World of Color - Winter Dreams show at Disney California Adventure, a completely brand new version of World of Color created just for the holiday season!  Not able to make it for the debut, I went the second night to see this wonderful new nighttime spectacular. Below are some of the many photos I shot from the show.  It may not be Thanksgiving yet, but the Disney Imagineers are definitely encouraging people to get into the Christmas spirit!

For even more photos of the show, check out today's update from friend-of-the-blog Westcoaster!

Before the show officially begins, there is a rendition of a new song, "Glow," performed by online users from around the world, a "Virtual Honor Choir."
And now, Walt Disney presents... The Wonderful World of Color--Christmas Style!

There is, of course, color.

And an early montage of various Disney films and productions.

The show is hosted by Olaf, the snowman from Disney's upcoming film, Frozen.

He guides the audience through various Christmas experiences.

Disney marketing being what it is, a scene from Frozen is a part of the show--an ethereal performance of "Let It Go," performed by Idina Menzel. Her voice never fails to give me chills--pun intended--in a good way.

The colorful fountains are, of course, the stars of the show.

The show progresses to Christmas as celebrated around the world.

This segment features animation in the Mary Blair 'It's a Small World' style of animation. Pretty neat!

There is no fire in this show, but plenty of fiery-looking lighting.

The Toy Story toys then perform their version of The Nutcracker.

First up are Jessie and Woody.

They jangle a square dance version of Trepak Dance.
My favorite part involves the Little Green Men doing their version of the Sugarplum Fairy.

Olaf then muses about what it'd be like to be able to exist during the summer.

More fountains!

Then Olaf leads a sing-along for the audience, touching upon "Jingle Bells," "Dreidel Song," and "Feliz Navidad."
It call culminates in a splash of color!

And, in a beautiful surprise, hundreds of light installed on California Screamin' perform a kaleidoscope of color.

It's definitely very cool!

The lamps in Paradise Park also join the in color show.

Happy Holidays!

Afterward, there is a post-show rendition of "Glow" with the Virtual Honor Choir as well.

They are not seen this time, but the fountains do their illustrious chromatic dance.

All in all, a fun and touching show that's perfect for the holiday season!


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