The New Mission

Space Mountain is iconic in all of its iterations around the world, but at Disneyland Paris, it is perhaps the most uniquely spectacular.  Rather than feature the clean, sleek lines of its brethren in California, Orlando, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, this Space Mountain carries a Jules Verne inspired retro-future look.  Local Disneyland fans may recognize this aesthetic as what the 1998 Tomorrowland refurbishment tried to accomplish, but to much less success.

In Paris, though, the effect is top notch and utterly fantastic.  The attraction, which received an upgrade in 2005, carries a unique steampunk look and is the only Space Mountain that is launched and the only version with inversions.  The ride itself is quite exhilarating, and if it wasn't for the roughness caused by the trains, I'd rank it as one of my favorite roller coasters overall!

Nevertheless, the theming and architecture is stupendous, and I think you'll agree that Disneyland Paris certainly has its fair share of eye candy.  And don't worry, we're just getting started with the DLP Resort content!

The entrance sign of Space Mountain: Mission 2 greets guests.

Unlike the other Space Mountains of the World, this one is set in a watery retro-futurescape.

It is the only launched Space Mountain among all the Disney parks.


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