The Nighttime Moonliner

That classic profile of the Moonliner that sits atop the entry into Redd Rocket's Pizza Port is a striking reminder of Disneyland in the 1950s and 60s, when the original TWA Moonliner stood next to the "Flight to the Moon" / "Mission to Mars" attraction in the first iteration of Tomorrowland.  That Moonliner was actually the tallest structure in the park when it first debuted, just a few feet taller than Sleeping Beauty Castle, and was only later eclipsed by the Matterhorn.  Today's Moonliner is not quite so tall, and is a replica, but those sleek curves always remind me of the mid-century aesthetic, which I love quite a bit, and the bit of theming provides a nice punch of nostalgia.

The Moonliner awaits blastoff to Thirst-Quenchia through the trees.


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