The Story of Arendelle II

A few months ago, I posted nighttime photos of the new Arendelle model in Storybook Land.  Here are some daytime photos for comparison.  The detail is much more evident in the daytime and quite beautiful.  Although it's not an exact replica of Anna and Elsa's home as shown in Frozen, owing to the constraints of the attraction canal layout, it's still quite exquisite.

Arendelle, with the Casey Jr. Circus Train and the Matterhorn in the background.

A long view of the Arendelle model, with Elsa's ice castle in the distance.

Getting closer to the royal palace of Arendelle.

Arendelle's Harbor is quite lovely.

A different angle.
Oaken's Trading Post is off to the side.

One last view of Arendelle.


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