Inside the Nautilus

Discoveryland's main marquee attraction might be its Space Mountain: Mission 2 E-Ticket roller coaster, but guests at the park shouldn't pass up the nearby Mystères du Nautilus walk-through attraction.  Themed after the iconic submarine in Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, this pedestrian attraction allows guests to tour the vessel and gain an idea of what life was like for those adventuring seafarers.  The attraction is immaculately themed, all the way down to Captain Nemo's famous pipe organ, and really immerses guests in the movie (pun intended).  The entrance is located near Space Mountain's exit.  Gems like this really make Disneyland Paris one spectacular Magic Kingdom!

Descending into the vessel.
The Captain's offices are luxuriously furnished.
Wares and treasures are held behind guarded display.
The interiors are absolutely gorgeous.
N for Nautilus... or Nemo.
The submarine looks every bit like what a fantastical working submarine might look like.
Notice the Pepper's Ghost effect at the pipe organ.  Captain Nemo makes a cameo!


  1. Loved the photos. Any chance we can get higher-res versions for personal use?

    1. Sorry, I don't offer the photos higher than the resolution they're uploaded to on this site. If you had something specific and a size that was specific, contact me directly.


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