A Fantasy in Fantasyland

A miraculous thing happened last month when I was staying late to photograph Disneyland empty at night.  The scene actually cleared completely when I needed it to.

To understand why this is significant, one must understand that even though waiting late enough will produce a scene devoid of guests, there usually will still be other obstructions.  Park maintenance folks doing their jobs, security guards wandering through the scene, or pressing to usher people out, or most frustrating of all, strollers left behind in the scene... all of these can interfere in an otherwise "perfect scene."  Most of them, I make do, expose the shot long, and blur out movement or action.  But I can't really take out the stroller or other items left behind.

Well, on this particular evening, everything cleared out.  In addition, I was fortunate enough to have a very patient and accommodating security guard who allowed me to carefully compose this rare shot and take my exposures needed to put everything together.  The result is a multi-bracketed HDR that I'm pretty proud of, symbolic of the beauty and majesty of the Happiest Place on Earth.

Stillness in the heart of Fantasyland.


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