Under the Painted Sea

When we last left off in the Paint the Night series, we were zooming along with the characters of Cars.  We rejoin the parade at its next segment, diving deep beneath the sea to find The Little Mermaid!

This float is among the most spectacular in the entire parade, with lovely, luminous characters and twinkling lights, not to mention elaborately dressed dancers.  There's even a Finding Nemo tag at the end with Marlin and Nemo swimming amongst some jellyfish!  Take a look at these photos and float along!

Dancers usher Ariel and King Triton.

Then come the stars of The Little Mermaid.

Ariel and Flounder and Sebastian and King Triton look out onto the parade viewers.

Some detail on the elaborate float.

Marlin and Nemo join along, swimming between jellyfish.


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