A Frozen Painted Wonderland

Our Paint the Night series marches on with part nine, featuring the Frozen segment that immediately follows the princess floats.  With Frozen mania still going strong, it's no surprise Disney has featured the franchise in the Paint the Night Electrical Parade (along with pretty much everything else).  But regardless of any bias for or against the movie, the float in this parade is remarkably stunning.  Beautiful, icy, and full of details, it towers above the crowd, increasing its already prominent stature.  And Anna and Elsa appear to greet the crowd--with Olaf dispensing pleasantries too.  Take a look at photos!

The Frozen float makes its way up Main Street, U.S.A.

Beautifully lit ice dancer herald the float.

Anna and Elsa are on hand to greet the people.

They're certainly glad to be here!

This segment is quite photogenic for portraits!

Cute little details can be found on the float.
Olaf dreams of the summer.
Following the float.
Click here for the colorful conclusion to this series!


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