A Most Curious Flake

Christmas is a total mystery to Jack Skellington, who has only known frights and screams his entire existence. But when he stumbles upon Christmas Town in The Nightmare Before Christmas, it opens his eyes to a whole new world of emotions and feelings and festivities.  So he tries to incorporate Christmas into his Halloween sensibilities by taking over the role of "Sandy Claws."  Of course, this leads to perilous consequences...

The Haunted Mansion Holiday celebrates the adventures of Jack and weds them with its beloved home of the 999 Happy Haunts.  Now in its fifteen year, it continues to delight guests young and old.  Have you taken your ride yet, this season?

Jack inspects a snowflake in front of the Haunted Mansion Holiday.


  1. How did you get up so high?
    I love your work, your images are always so rich.
    It would be great to see this year's Gingerbread house through your lens!!


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