The Center Volcano

In Disney-speak, a "weenie" is a monumental icon that attracts attention from multiple perspectives and serves as a beckoning device, drawing guests to the element.  It was a term Walt Disney used to describe Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, which stood at the end of Main Street and enticed guests to stroll up the park.  Icons like the Disneyland Mountains (Splash, Space, Big Thunder, Matterhorn) serve as weenies.  But nowhere is there a more towering weenie than at Tokyo Disney Sea, where the outline of Mount Prometheus is visible from any other land in the park, serving as both an orienting device and an object of attention.  Even at the Magic Kingdom Parks, the castle is not always visible from large parts of the park.  But at Disney Sea?  The central volcano is king.  And it provides amazing photo angles.  Mount Prometheus just doesn't get old!

Mount Prometheus appears deceptively dormant on a beautiful day.


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