The Waterfront of Yesteryear

The awe of Tokyo Disney Sea includes the construction of a seemingly close to life size scale cruise liner "just because."  Well, effectively, anyway.  There is no actual attraction on board the Columbia, though a fantastic Teddy Roosevelt Lounge can be found.  But when you think of nostalgic old American waterfronts, you think of those luxury steamliners of the Atlantic, so the Oriental Land Company, majority owners at the Tokyo Disney Resort, simply had one designed and produced.

At night, the Columbia forms a beautiful sight, sitting still in the water, waiting for a new adventure.  And her setting is quite beautiful too, with a wonderful iron arch bridge bringing guests into her port.  This scene just echoes with serenity for me, reminding me of wonderful late night memories at this "Sea of Dreams."  It's just lovely.

The Columbia sits docked at port in the still of the American Waterfront night.


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