Disney Bounding at the Halloween Party

A favorite pasttime for many guests of Mickey's Halloween Party is to dress up in a unified theme with their friends and go as a fun group devoted to their favorite movie or attraction or Disney property.  It's also fun just to watch people dress up, so here are photos from last year and this year's Halloween Party and a look at some of the fantastic creativity Disney fans put into their works!

A mega-group of Pinnochio characters poses aptly in front of the Village Haus.

A guest gets a photo with an Inside Out fivesome.

That moment when not one but two families in ghostly garb run into each other.
A dapper couple adopts a Mary Poppins theme.

This guest appears to be inspired by one of the Haunted Mansion stretching portraits.

Not all costumes are Disney-centric.

This family came as a group of ninjas, which is just fine.

But more often than not, people dress up inspired by Disney.

Like this Incredibles quartet.

Wait, there's more?

Yup.  This was a big group too!


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