Lens Play at the Halloween Tree

Today's post is a bit different.  Rather than show a crisp, clear scene like I usually try to do, here are a couple of experimental shots that play with focus and long exposure lens manipulation.  Both present the Halloween Tree in Frontierland in a unique, well, light.

The first features the tree in intentional soft focus.  I was playing around with different depth of range and bokeh when I shot this as one in a barrage.  I thought it provided an interesting and abstract texture to a normally brilliant and sharp scene. 

The second photo was accomplished with a tripod and a zoom lens.  I set the photo for a regular long exposure, but in the middle of my shot, I slowly twisted the lens to zoom in, creating light streaks across the frame.  It's a cool zoom effect that doesn't necessarily show any crisply but just makes for a unique composition. 

Just some of the things you do when you get bored and try to come up with new shots!


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