Soarin' at Grizzly Peak

It's been nine months since Soarin' Around the World debuted at Disney California Adventure (and EPCOT... and Shanghai Disneyland--each with its own special location-specific ending scene).  The new ride takes guests flying around various landmarks across the globe, rather than only California, with new transitions, scents, and playful interactions within the scenes.  At California Adventure, this coincided with the transformation of Condor Flats into Grizzly Peak Airfield, which replaced the desert ambiance with a more rustic look.  And honestly, I like it.  The green wilderness feel more at home, and there's more of an immersive environment crafted around this extension of Grizzly Peak itself.  It's a place where, fittingly, dreams can take flight.

Just a late evening scene at Soarin' Around the World.


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