Tomorrowland Dreaming

Shanghai Disneyland's Tomorrowland is bright, uplifting, soaring, sleek, stylish, and optimistic.  The colors, the curves, the flowing use of glass and steel and translucent materials... the fountains, the curving stairs, the futuristic rides... they all come together in a fusion that expresses the wonders and possibilities of tomorrow.  It truly feels forward-thinking--a trait that many a Tomorrowland has struggled to capture.  Add to that the sweeping and soul-cleansing soundtrack by French electronic artist BT, and it makes for bliss to just walk around this land admiring all the scenes.

Staring up at the TRON Lightcycle Power Run building from the Tomorrowland ground level.

The now-iconic view of TRON from the second floor walkway.

Stairs and fountains and continuous curves sweep all around Tomorrowland.

This circular stair seems Apple Store-esque.

The Jet Packs attraction through the canopy and outdoor seating of the Stargazer Grill.

Jet Packs, set in a quilt of various planting materials.


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