A Beary Ugly Sweater

It's probably pretty hard for a giant, wooden, carved grizzly bear to put on a light-up ugly Christmas sweater while holding a huge river raft paddle in one hand and a lantern in the other, but the ursine figure over by Grizzly River Run has managed to do it!  His winterwear is outrageous enough by day, but by night, the light up snowflakes, trees, and "HO HO HO" send the humorous absurdity over the edge.  It's a wonderful little bit of the holidays in Grizzly Peak, and my favorite Christmas theming in these neck of the woods!

The bear at Grizzly River Run takes the cake (or paddle) for best DCA ugly Christmas sweater!
(Oh, also, I decided to give the site a new layout and template. What do you think?)


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