Enchanted Angles of the Castle

Today's post is literally just to show off different angles of the Enchanted Storybook Castle from various parts of Shanghai Disneyland's Fantasyland.  The central icon of the park is a castle that can only be truly appreciated in person, through viewpoints from various perspectives and approaches.  In photos, the castle often appears boxy and a bit cumbersome, but in real life, it's much more elegant.  Walking and beholding the castle from different sides reveals articulation and character that cannot be captured in just one view.  So here are a few photos to try to convey what I mean.

The castle from the left side approach, coming from the Gardens of Imagination.
The castle from the end of Voyage to the Crystal Grotto, just after disembarking.
A closer look at the backside of the castle.
A detail of the castle turrets from the Alice in Wonderland labyrinth.
Close-up of the front facade.


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