Hurry Home, Little Lantern!

Last year, as part of its Lunar New Year Celebration, Disney California Adventure debuted a short little tag before World of Color that told the story of a lantern's journey back home for the lunar new year holiday.  It's a very cute little segment that draws upon the warm of family and culture and the spectacular showmanship of the World of Color show technology to weave a charming story together.  The mini-show occurs before the first World of Color show every evening, now through the end of the Lunar New Year Celebration (Sunday, February 18 this year), and it's definitely worth watching.  I love that this seasonal overlay has provided a broader look at Asian culture and festivities, and this World of Color add-on is a small part of the attractions that spread that history!

The show starts with its typical flourish of fountains and colors.
It's all quite pretty.
The little lantern is introduced.
It needs to get home in time to celebrate the Lunar New Year!
There will be lots of feasting then!
Mulan makes an appearance, because of course she must.
After a little journey, the lantern makes it!
Hurray! It can be with its family of other lanterns.
The close of the segment features a message of "happy new year."
It's repeated in Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese--the three east Asian cultures that celebrate the Lunar New Year.
Of course, you can't have Lunar New Year without fireworks, so a burst of pyro culminates the show!


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