Tumultuous Skies Over Town Square

Most of the time, I strive for cheerful blue sky photos during the daytime trips to Disney parks.  With sunlight casting and enhancing the colorful ambiance, these scenes evoke escape and happiness and whimsy.  Cloudy or overcast days tend to create drab scenes, which isn't ideal, even at Disney.  But sometimes, the clouds can take a turn for the dramatic, and they result in scenes like the trio below from the morning of my last trip to Disneyland Paris.  Although the afternoon turned out to be a spectacularly sunny day, the morning was ominous and moody, with incredible texture in clouds that looked to be brewing storms.  In Europe, though, sky movements can change quickly.  So in a way, I ended up getting a double bonus--dramatic skies in the morning, traditionally lovely skies in the afternoon.  Talk about photographic fortune!

Stormy clouds linger over Town Square at Disneyland Paris' Main Street.

A sliver of blue sky foretells conditions to come later in the day.

But for the morning, these gray brushstrokes reigned strong.


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