Memento Mori

The back end of the graveyard scene in the Haunted Mansion can be pretty darn difficult to shoot.  Very low light, with little direct illumination and not a ton of foreground contrast, it's nearly impossible to get reasonably crisp without the Doom Buggie coming to a stop, and even then, the dim setting will require a high ISO that inevitably drives up the noise.  And yet, somehow, two years ago, I was able to produce this photo, which I still don't know how I exactly pulled off.  But I think it makes for a fitting final post to Halloween season.  Normally, I'd post something related to Día de los Muertos, but I'm running a bit low on unique such shots, and I figured I'd do something a little different.  And so, the result is a capper to this year's haunting times!

A memorable gravestone in the Haunted Mansion.


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