Beacons in the Night

Though it may seem dark and heavy with everything shut down because of the Coronavirus, in due time, even this will pass, and we'll be able to enjoy the regular pleasures of life--including Disney parks--again.  Shanghai Disneyland is a sign of this.  The first Disney park to shut down, it will reopen on a limited and phased capacity on Monday the 11th and serve as a test run for other Disney parks and theme parks in general on how a post-COVID and pre-vaccine world will run at places of mass gathering.  There will be plenty of safety protocols, but will they be enough to limit or contain virus spread?  We'll find out, but hopefully, it won't be bad news.  Just have patience.  We'll all get through this, sooner or later.

The luminous hues of Shanghai Disneyland's Tomorrowland glow at night.


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