Arcade del Muertos

Last week, when I was wandering Frontierland, I happened to be taking the direct path over to Fantasyland and walking near the Rancho del Zocalo when I looked up and realized that there was some very colorful ornamentation that seemed to be in line with the Día de los Muertos aesthetic that this corner of Frontierland takes on during Halloween Time.  Although the walkway itself was in the afternoon shade, the skies above were still a bold blue, and I realized that I could get a nice frame staring up and over the heads of pedestrians walking to and away from me, focusing on the draped decorations.  The result is something that is vibrant and accents the natural leading lines of this angle.  It's just a snapshot, but an interesting-looking one for me!

Festive tinsel drapes the trellised entrance to Rancho del Zocalo during Halloween Time.


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