The Haunted Holiday Hallway II

Something happened on my most recent visit that has never happened to me before: I was able to have the Haunted Mansion Holiday hallway completely to myself to patiently photograph completely devoid of people.  Naturally, this happened near the very end of the evening, when the line for the ride was basically a walk-on.  Still, I had never had a chance to take a head-on photo of this scene, which has been on my personal bucket list of photos for a long time.  Mostly, this was because I just had never made it a point to ride the attraction at the very end of the night while I had my tripod with me in the park.  I always seemed to be out and around the park, photographing exterior scenes.  This time around, with time to operate and all of my tricks to be efficient at my disposal, I was able to capture this part of the attraction in a rarely-seen sight.  It's as though the guests had already been turned into the 1000th happy haunt--or beyond!

The Haunted Mansion Holiday corridor that guests enter after escaping from the Stretching Room.


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