The Holiday Hub by Hotel Hightower

Christmas shows in in various forms around a decent portion of Tokyo Disney Sea, but it's probably the heaviest at American Waterfront, which makes sense, given how ingrained the holiday is in the United States.  In Tokyo's envisioning, beautiful holiday decorations line practically the entire area, and wondrous yuletide scenes play out amidst the grandeur of the charming and nostalgic park atmosphere.  Not too far from the eerie Hotel Hightower, there's a traffic circle that offers an almost European sense of gathering, and anchoring the center is a towering Christmas tree, the winter beacon of this part of the park.  It's a luminous and wondrous sight, and it drives home how dreamy and fantastic this theme park really is!

Christmas shines bright in the roundabout in American Waterfront in front of the Hotel Hightower.


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