Hardly Able to Contain Himself

One of the first scenes in the Haunted Mansion is a poor corpse (or perhaps not-corpse) trying to escape its casket.  Though it's a morbid image, the scene is offset by an almost slapstick cry from the poor soul, asking to be let out of here in a cartoonish-sounding manner.  That was Disney's way of balancing the morbid with the mindless and maintain some levity the Haunted Mansion--especially it's darker first half.  This scene was always relatively difficult to photograph, since it was a head-on shot taken while the Doom Buggy is facing backwards, requiring the rider to turn and steady before snapping the shot.  But last year's refurbishment of the ride brought with it brighter and more dynamic lighting.  And as a result, this scene has become easier to focus on, thanks to the high contrast between the illumination and the shadows.

As for the ol' chap... he's still struggling.  But you know what?  We get it.  Life's a struggle, and sometimes, death can be too!

One of the 999 Happy Haunts of the Haunted Mansion looks to get a little bit of room.


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