Aquatopia Architecture

Tokyo Disney Sea is unlike any other Disney theme park in the world, but it does bear some patterns to the Magic Kingdoms that most people are familar with.  For example, this park also has a futuristic themed land, but instead of Tomorrowland (or Tomorrowsea), it's called Port Discovery, and it's meant to portray a seaport of the future, complete with unique modes of transportation, sleek architecture, and a clean aesthetic.  The Aquatopia ride building captures a lot of this, with its architectural elements inspired by sea life and its gold and turquoise hues reminiscent of Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland--a retro-future portrayal that has successfully never become outdated.  And while the ride itself is silly fun, the instances of design around it are pretty neat.  And they present some nice photo ops too!

The architecture of Port Discovery at Tokyo Disney Sea is organic and futuristic.


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