Not Yet Set Sail

Golden hour is, of course, a photographer's best friend when it comes to getting warm, romantic, beautiful photos.  The low angle of the sun makes everything glow with an evocative allure and softness that doesn't happen during the rest of the day, when the shadows are a little harsher.  In this perspective at Tokyo Disney Sea's American Waterfront--already a sprawling and scenic area within the most beautiful theme park in the world--the downward sun casts an idyllic radiance upon the wharf, and the mix of small vessels in the foreground and the mighty outline of the Columbia in the background conjure up visions of nautical adventures and grand seas.  It's a wonderful moment enhanced by the luminance of the environment, and it creates a sense of warmth in the viewer just looking at it!

The seaside dock scene at American Waterfront in the afternoon.


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