A Wharf in Progress

Although Mickey's Toontown has completed its reimagining and expansion--highlighted by the debut of Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway--as Walt Disney famously said, Disneyland will never be complete.  There's always some project, improvement, expansion, or evolution happening.  And this applies to Disney California Adventure too.  Currently, Pacific Wharf is going through a construction phased transformation into San Franskoyo Square, inspired by the internationally hybrid setting of Big Hero 6, and part of that involves turning the bridge at the main entrance into the land into a Golden Gate-like structure.  The last time I stopped by, crews had repainted the bridge that unmistakable red-orange color, and next will come the erection of two towering pylons to imitate the famous Bay Area landmark's iconic piers.  In the meantime, some of the area facades have been repainted as well to lend a Japanese-Californian look to things.  

San Franskoyo Square is supposed to open sometime this summer, but it's interesting to see the project slowly take shape!


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