Captain Jack's Booty

Over at Disneyland Paris, the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is faithful following of the original Disneyland version--with one major difference: The story flows chronologically, so the live pirates occur before the dead pirates.  And while the general scenes between the two attractions are similar, there are differences in the details of how they're crafted.  Take the Jack Sparrow treasure scene.  At Disneyland, he's in a sort of large cubbyhole next to the lift hill at the end of the ride.  But in Paris, he gets his own chamber with a lot more room to spread out.  And the parrot that greets guests in line entering the interior of the building housing the attraction at Disneyland makes an appearance near Jack in Paris.  It's a fun juxtaposition to compare the two attractions to see how they're the same and different at the same time, though at the end, a pirate's life's for both!


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