An Autopia Afternoon

Sometimes, it's nice to dig back deep into a photo catalog to see if there's a picture that one can edit or even re-edit.  In this case, this image from the exit of the Autopia in Tomorrowland is a simple enough composition, with a curving pathway beside a curving roadway that enforces the interest of the photographic concept of leading lines. But it's the ambiance and warm, golden atmosphere that I cherish in this scene, because it takes me back to when I took the photo. I can remember the sunny rays, the bustling vibrance, and--yes--the smell of gasoline from all the Autopia cars.  But it's nostalgic, because it's the senses associated with Disneyland and fun and magic.  I loved the Autopia as a child, and though driving has become a lot less unique now, I still recall the wonder it once held.

A beautiful, sunny afternoon overlooks the Matterhorn and Autopia.


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