Signs of the Dragon

This is the final weekend of the Lunar New Year Celebration at Disney California Adventure, and it seems like time has flown by for this seasonal event.  Although it has lasted four weekends this year, it feels like it hasn't been enough--perhaps because I wasn't able to make it to the parks for the event this year until this past Sunday.  Although the Lunar New Year Celebration has settled into a familiar routine and combination of live entertainment, cultural showcase, limited time shopping, and seasonal gourmet dishes, it's still a wonderful and very popular event that provides valued representation for Asian cultures and spreads appreciation amongst Disney guests.

Here are some snapshots focused on general signage at this year's event--with special emphasis on this 2024 being the Year of the Dragon!

This archway marks the entrance into the Lunar New Year Marketplace--home to special shopping and dining options.

Here's the other side of that sign.

I never noticed how Grizzly Peak frames so well behind it.

Another sign into the Boardwalk area of Paradise Gardens Park, for Lunar New Year.

A close-up.

One of two stone lions guards the gateway.

The gazebo awaits meet-and-greet guests in the morning.

For the first time in forever (or ever), I was here early enough in the morning that the characters hadn't arrived yet.

This paper dragon in a window in the San Francisco remnant of Pacific Wharf was a cute touch.

The banners celebrate Mushu, among other characters.

Even in Hollywood Land!

Finally, some close-up's of the Marketplace food booths for the Lunar New Year Celebration. They're each charmingly crafted!


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