Mulan and Mushu

Happy Lunar New Year! Or Chinese New Year, if you're Chinese-American like me and that's always been your habit.  Today marks the first day of the year of the dragon, which is the fifth animal on the Chinese zodiac.  Those born under the year of the dragon are typically gifted with courage, tenacity, intelligence, enthusiasm, and confidence--at least those are their zodiac traits.  Case in point, Bruce Lee was born in the year of the dragon, and he certainly displayed those traits.

At the Disneyland Resort, however, this year's celebration is marked by Mulan's faithful companion, Mushu.  Although Disney has its own rich lore of dragons from its various films, Mushu is the one dragon that is most suited to a masked character.  He's fared better than Disneyland's other dragon, at least.  So with the turn of the lunar calendar, may you enjoy an auspicious year, filled with great success and great fortune.  Happy year of the dragon!

Mulan and her faithful companion, Mushu, celebrate the Lunar New Year.


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