Nemo Lagoon

When I was a child, the submarine ride was one attraction I never got to experience.  My parents, who had been to Disneyland before I was born, were never fans of the classic Tomorrowland ride, because it was cramped, dim, and claustrophobic--so they said.  So sadly, the submarines were never really part of my Disneyland nostalgia.  And when they were shuttered in 1998, my early teenage self felt like I had lost my chance at experiencing a classic mainstay.

One can imagine my anticipation, then, when Disney announced that the submarines would return.  Even with a Finding Nemo overlay, I felt like it would be great experience to take a ride aboard what had been one of the Magic Kingdom's original E-Tickets. And though I did not expect and now do not consider the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage to be up to modern E-ticket standards, I still found it a fun, enjoyable experience once I finally had the chance to dive down 8-0 fathoms and witness the wonders of the deep sea ocean!  All in all, it's nice to have the submarines around.  The lagoon felt pretty empty all those years without them.

A monorail passes by overhead as a Finding Nemo submarine cruises across the bay.


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