Welcome to the Fantasy Faire

Less than three weeks ago, we were taking a look at what was coming up with Disneyland's Fantasy Faire addition, and now, the whole thing is finished.  Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders had the opportunity to preview this stunning extension of Fantasyland before it opened to the general public.  So with my camera in tow, I sauntered over to the Happiest Place on Earth on Saturday to see the finishing touches.

An overview of the new Fantasy Faire extension of Fantasyland.
Having spent several hours exploring every facet of this new area, I can confidently say that it will be a resounding success for the park.  The architecture and theming is immaculate--a mixture of the charming village aesthetic of Fantasyland's dark ride facades and the regal ornamentation of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  Details abound everywhere, and--as we'll explore throughout the week--there are a lot of shows and activities packed into this small plot of land!

A close-up of Rapunzel's Tower, the icon in the center of the plaza.
Everything about Fantasy Faire is beautiful, and both children and adults will find things to like here.  It may not cater to the teenage demographic (at least the part that doesn't care about the Disney Princesses), but it's not designed to. And other than that, there really are things for people of all ages to enjoy.  So scroll through the rest of these photos, and stay tuned for more updates the rest of this week!

A look across the plaza to the Royal Hall, which features a meet-and-greet with Disney Princesses.
And looking southward to the Royal Theatre, which will showcase two unique theater-style shows.
The architecture is storybook and inviting.
Details like these Figaro and blue bird animatronics are cute little surprises.
The architecture is richly tied into Fantasyland.

And one final overview look gazing toward the Royal Hall.


  1. Looks really nice, Albert. I'll have to get down there some year and check it out in person.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it's rather gorgeous!


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