Fruits of a Marathon

Today, Disneyland is open for 24 hours. Again.  Last year, the park conducted the same promotion, and the result was madness as the night progressed and the crowds came and came and came... and did not leave.  Rides were backed up, food ran out, and lines sprawled everywhere one looked.  And as the hours ticked by, the park began to resemble a horde invasion of the walking dead.

Now, admittedly, things weren't quite that bad (at least not to the point of zombie outbreak), but truthfully, the sheer volume of guests in the park was incredible and unexpected.  With this "Monstrous Summer" kickoff party affecting both parks this year, the sequel may be even bigger than the original.  We'll know by this time tomorrow.

But for me, the reward for surviving the night was daybreak, and the incredible photo opportunities I had to photograph an empty park the following the morning, in daylight, as the last stragglers left the park.  Those signature shots of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and The Hub, with nobody in them, certainly made the grueling night worth it.  At least enough that I may very well be doing this again today!


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