The Clothing Corner

I rave over and over again about the character and richness of Main Street, and I think it bears repeating.  There are so many wonderful facets and angles, and from a photographic eye, there are plenty of great compositions to be found.

One of my favorite facades is the Disney Clothiers store.  This corner lot lies on on the northeast sector of the intersection between Main Street and the unnamed small avenue that runs across it east-west.  The footprint of the building, the awnings overhead, the sweep of the thatched roof, and the articulation of the windows all combine to craft a very inviting space, and the pleasant pastel hue feels friendly and cheerful.  I often find myself strolling past, only to backtrack a little to catch a slightly different glimpse.  It's a pretty sight, for sure, and just one of the many contributors to the rich charm of Main Street, U.S.A.!


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