The Rustic Queue

Details abound everywhere in a Disney park, and not just on the rides.  There are plenty of bits of theming in line as well.  Take Grizzly River Run.  During a hot summer day, the wait can be one or two hours.  So it makes sense to offer a bit of visual relief.  So a scene showing an outpost in the middle of prepping for an excursion makes all the most sense!  Little artifacts like guide books, posters, maps, backpacking supplies, a little radio, and more provide an artful touch.  And as you gaze upon the photos below, I don't think it's hard to imagine yourself whisked away to the land of wilderness, ready to tackle the challenges that come just around the riverbend!

The Grizzly River Run line is rich with crafted details.

A look at the other side of the wall from the previous shot.


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