A Winter's Sun's Paradise

To the surprise of no one, winter in Southern California is pretty nice. We typically get wonderful weather, while the rest of the country freezes within the grips of vortexes of the polar variety, and that's something that all Southern Californians already appreciate.  But what I love even more is how the low angle of the winter sun means great lighting for photography is available through a much greater part of the day.  During the summer, the sun is high overhead, resulting in harsh shadows, so I'm relegated to waiting for "Golden Hour" if I want to capture some really spectacular scenes. In the winter, I have a lot more leeway, because the sun is low through most of the day, resulting in the same warm tones for which "Golden Hour" is so coveted.  The result has been some wonderful photography conditions!

It's a beautiful winter day at Paradise Pier, and the low angle of the sun makes for a gorgeous warm light.


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