Sunset by the Horseshoe

It's become a bit of an obsession for me to capture spectacular, color-soaked sunsets at Disneyland--if only becauseI've been unable to be at the parks to capture all but one of the past several dozen times a vibrant sunset has occurred. Often times, this has been due to changes in plan or unforeseen delays--a frustrating issue for me because I feel like I could have had the opportunity to photograph something extra special, if only so-and-so hadn't occurred.

This past Sunday, though, I was able to snap up some vivacious post-sunset beauty when the skies cooperated and my schedule didn't renege on its end of the bargain.  I've posted nice sunset shots before, but I find the fiery, cloud-tinged types to be the most spectacular--if only because they don't occur in SoCal that often.  Not that I'm complaining about our typical blue skies and clear weather, but scenes are so much more dynamic when there is more than one hue over the horizon.  At least that's how my photographer's mind thinks.  This time, I focused on the Disneyland side, so in the upcoming weeks, you'll see what I was able to come up with at Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom. Enjoy!

A beautiful winter dusk illuminates the sky by the Golden Horseshoe.


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