Welcome to Critter Country

I realized it's been a while since I've made a post from Critter Country, so I dug up an old photo I took last year.  I remember pacing around, trying to get the right angle that captured both Splash Mountain and this nifty sign equally clearly. It's actually as simple as it might appear, because the tall hedges and fencing right next to the queue actually means the camera needs to be raise high above my eye level.  So some amount of test shooting and reviewing had to be done to make sure the framing was to my liking.

Ultimately, the blue skies and puffy clouds blanket the type of cheerful and wonderful day that fills my memories of Disneyland.  My first memories of Critter Country revolve around a day very much like this. And though I was too young to actually ride Splash Mountain at the time, I do remember the feeling of joy at just how bright and pretty everything looked.  Even as a small child, I understood the Disney effect, even if I didn't quite understand how it worked.  I just knew that the ambiance transported me to another world where everything was happy, and all was right with the world.

A friendly welcoming sign to Critter Country, with Splash Mountain in the background.


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