An Evening in the Canopy

Ever since I started snapping photos from atop Tarzan's Treehouse, I've had it in my mind to see what everything would look like at night.  But it wasn't until a week ago that I had the chance to do so, scampering up late one night near parking closing.  Setting up my tripod was tricky, because every once in a while, a guest would come bounding up and through as well, and I certainly didn't want to get in anyone's way.  Easier said than done, though, given the narrow passageways throughout the attraction.  But the results were pretty interesting in my opinion, and as I haven't really seen Treehouse night shots, I figured I'd start posting my loot and see what people think.  Here's the first... looking across the rope bridge toward the actual "Disneyodendron eximus!"

Nighttime at Tarzan's Treehouse can be just as adventurous as the day!


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