Another 24-Hr Day

Today, the Disneyland Resort is having another 24-hour day, the third year they've done it.  After the insanity of Leap Day in 2012, I was cautious about last year's event, but still wanted to go, since it fell on my birthday.  Fortunately, last year proved to be much less crowded, though still busy.  However, as the night wore on, the crowds did subside.  So here's some snapshots from my remaining photos from last year's Monstrous Summer All Nighter.  They're not my best work, but I figured this was a good time to feature them

There was a projection show at the Castle around midnight last year, with Mike and Sulley "painting" it.

Early morning, floodlights blazed upon the castle in preparation of a Good Morning America live filming.

People were still around and about at 4AM in the morning over at Mickey's Toontown.

But in other parts of the park, things were much more still.

By pre-dawn at DCA, I found myself all alone in Cars Land.

This was the easiest empty-shot version of this angle I've ever had to do!

Hopes for a dramatic sunrise this year were washed away by gray clouds.

But this last view before I departed the park at 6:30 AM was pretty wonderful. I get to do it again this year!


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