The Peeping Queen II

The first time I posted a photo of the Evil Queen from Snow White looking out onto Fantasyland from her tower, it was an HDR image with very different character.  This time, I thought I'd try a single exposure developed from a RAW file.  The results are certainly unique, and I like the purple and turquoise that light the stone tower now.  It's a contrast to the more uniform blue that--while moody--don't provide as much interest and diversity of hue.

Secondly, I couldn't have achieved this photo without the help of a trusty chain post.  On a night where I didn't have my tripod on me, I had to rely on a slightly higher ISO as well as a stanchion to make sure there was minimal shake that might otherwise ruin a crisp shot.  So don't let the lack of a tripod deter you from taking photos at night; you just have to get creative!

The Evil Queen in a towering perspective.


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